Experience: I love Exertion! The staff are super friendly & very knowledgeable. I feel confident because I am shown how to do the exercises properly. The group training session are perfect for me because I enjoy training with others & it is such a lovely environment, (I could never go back to a ‘normal gym’).

Even though you are in a group setting the training programmes are flexible to cater to individual needs. The coaches really do care about your progress and maintaining a consistent lifestyle as they support you each week with your nutrition.

The gym is always really clean, along with the equipment (not too sure about that office, haha!) And, finally what other gyms have regular members days out? Such a nice little community πŸ™‚ Thanks team – you are smashing it!



I can not rate high enough the experience I have had at Exertion Fitness, from the initial 6 week trial, to seeing and feeling the results it was a no brainer to commit to being a full time member. I like the tailored programme, regular check-ins with my person coach and enjoying seeing and meeting like minded friendly bunch at all of the sessions.

I’ve taken advantage of going to one of the nutrition talks done by Rich, which was great and really informative, it reinforced that they look at the whole picture nutrition and exercise, with the variety of other classes I can book in on means there’s always an option to change things up, thanks Ryan, Rich and not forgetting Dan πŸ™‚.



I was really skeptical about the place when I signed up for the trial especially as I have never enjoyed going the gym and have different injuries limiting what I could train. For the first time in my life I enjoy going the gym and look forward to it and have seen progress already in not just my physical appearance but my general confidence. Ryan, Rich and Lucy and Dan are great and have really offered expert guidance which has helped my progress. Currently sat here writing this on Boxing Day, 8LBS down in 7 weeks and gutted the gym is closed. Love the place!



It has been great so far. I love how it keeps you accountable by having to book in sessions so it is easier to build a habit by having such a good set routine. I like how we have our workouts already planned out and how the coaches explain all of the exercises and don’t make it feel like any trouble at all! Overall it is a great place and atmosphere and would recommend to anyone.



I’ve been trying lose weight for a couple of years through gym memberships, fitness clubs and personal trainers. In one month with Exertion I lost more weight than I had through 2 years of trying. Great coaches, flexible class timetables and most importantly visible results!